What is Rust Check?

Carlson Truck Outfitters is your Rust Check Dealer in Winnipeg

Canadian-born, Rust Check has grown into an internationally-trusted brand of products and service centers. Our signature formula of chemicals was originally developed for the aerospace industry. When applied under pressure, our formula becomes a highly concentrated mist that bonds to metal and dispels moisture. It also acts as an insulator that arrests corrosion between similar metals. Rust Check contains active chemicals with a unique penetrating ability that allows it to reach hairline cracks, welded seams and crevices to form a protective barrier against rust. We’ve expanded our line to offer a full-range of automotive protection formulas that help vehicles retain their value, safety and appearance throughout all conditions.

Rust Check Treatment

Bonds to Metal and Dispels Moisture

Rust Check inside body panels and other hidden areas. Your vehicle’s construction requires numerous joints, bends, seams and thousands of associated spot welds. Consequently, areas inside the body sections contain a multitude of crevices, into which corrosive moisture and road salts concentrate. The resulting corrosion not only affects the appearance of your vehicle, but also attacks the joints and spot welds that hold your vehicle together. The result is a vehicle that can become unsafe. Rust Check is a light oil-based liquid, formulated to penetrate into and protect the many vulnerable crevices hidden inside your vehicle.