Linex Expedition Cooler - Comming Soon!

Truck Gear by Line-X Expedition Cooler! Stop by the shop to take a look at this amazing cooler. Great for camping and BBQ's to keep your food and drinks extra cold.

Expedition Cooler Specs

Truck Gear Expedition Cooler Challenge

We took our new Truck Gear by LINE-X Expedition Cooler to Moab, UT for the Easter Jeep Safari and tried to break it. We rolled it off cliffs, dragged it behind a Jeep, even parked a Jeep on it. Did it survive and how did it look after? We just have to say, that's one tough cooler!

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Carlson Truck Outfitters is your destination for the best in boxliner protection and accessories for your truck.

Carlson features The toughest pure polyurea in the industry - Linex! Providing years of superior protection against wear, abrasion, impact, rust, chemicals, corrosion and more, LINE-X™ is a two-part polyurethane elastomer system that is applied hot and dries in 1 minute or less and is ready for rugged use within 24 hours.

Our array of truck accessories includes tonneau covers, step rails, mudflaps, lighting and so much more from the top names in the industry.

Visit us at 155 Fennell St. for all of your truck needs!

Carlson Truck Outfitters Summer Truck Specials 2018

How We Install Our Spray-On Bedliners

The LINEX spray-on bedliner that we offer is an industry leading 100% pure polyurea coating,  manufactured by LINEX, the world’s leading manufacturer of spray polyureas.

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I just had my truck sent in to you guys to get a spray in liner done (Gauthier GMC sent there). I just want to let you know I was very impressed with the job you guys did, and have actually compared it to a friend’s liner done by your competition.

A big thank you to your guys!

J. Patterson, Winnipeg