Decked Drawer System

Providing secure, weatherproof and organized storage for full-size pickup trucks, the DECKED Drawer System features two lockable, full bed-length drawers capable of carrying 200 Pound each. Evenly distributed, the system has a 2,000 Pound payload-rated deck. Each system features: 1 Tan Sixer 16 D-Co case, 1 Tan Halfrack 32 D-Co Case, 1 vX Drawer organizer, 2 vX Drawer Dividers, 4 DECKED D-rings, 2 Deep Stash Bins and 2 Shallow Stash Bins.


  • High Pressure Injection Molding: Greater Precision, Tighter Tolerances, Higher Strength
  • 100 Percent Recycled Materials: HDPE And Anti-Corrosion Treated Steel
  • Built-In Tie Downs: Also Act As No-Drill Installation Points For CargoGlide
  • Steel To Steel Mounting: Tie-Down To Bracket To Turnbuckle To Bed
  • Closeouts On Front And Sides Increase Weatherproofing, Banish Dust Intrusion
  • Stash Lids Can Act As Openings To Pass-Through Storage Or Power Outlet Access, Or Be Used With Removable, Lockable Stash Bins
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty