Sawtooth Tonneau

Load More, Haul More, and Do More with the Sawtooth STRETCH Expandable Tonneau Cover. Get the most utility out of your pickup truck with the only expandable, roll-up tonneau cover on the market. If you have ever struggled to cover large gear with bungees, straps, and tarps, you owe it to yourself to own a Sawtooth STRETCH. This innovative tonneau can roll up, lay flat, or stretch to cover tall cargo, keeping your gear out of the elements and out of sight of would-be thieves. Whether loaded or flat, the Sawtooth STRETCH expandable tonneau allows you to load, haul, and do more in style. The Sawtooth STRETCH truck bed cover protects and secures your gear without the use of easily damaged Velcro, snaps, clips, or zippers found on other tonneau models! Sawtooth’s patented reinforced steel J-hook design quickly seals the perimeter of the tonneau so you can drive with peace of mind knowing your gear is secured and protected from the elements. This adjustable pickup truck tonneau cover is made from heavy-duty composite textile that is highly water resistant and roughly 7 times thicker than competing roll-up vinyl covers. Easily removable aluminum cross supports pop in and out of the rail frame giving you full access to your truck bed for loading. When the Sawtooth STRETCH tonneau is lying flat, strong aluminum cross supports can handle snow loads. The Sawtooth STRETCH expandable pickup truck tonneau cover may be the easiest-to-use tonneau you ever own. Not only can you cover and uncover your truck bed in seconds, but this expandable roll-up truck bed cover is also very easy to install. One person can install the Sawtooth STRETCH in under 6 minutes with no tools, cutting, or drilling required for installation.

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  • Non-Lockable
  • Stretches And Expands To Cover And Secure Large Gear That Extends Above The Pickup Truck Bed Walls; Load More, Haul More, And Do More With World’s Most Versatile And Only Expandable Tonneau Cover
  • Rolls Up And Secures At The Cab In Seconds Using Buckles And Straps Giving You Full Access To Load And Unload Big Cargo Or Just To Leave Your Truck Bed Open
  • Sleek And Durable Heavy-duty Stretch And Hold Composite Textile That Is Roughly 7 Times Thicker Than Other Soft Tonneaus And Highly Water Resistant
  • Premium Black Matt Finish Hides Dust And Dirt Better Than Any Other Tonneau Cover
  • Seals Around The Perimeter With Our Highly Flexible Yet Robust And Patented Steel-reinforced J-hook; Unlike Other Tonneaus, We Do Not Use Velcro, Zippers, Clips, Or Snaps That Can Be Easily Damaged
  • Flexible Allowing Partial Loads To Protrude From Tonneau Perimeter In Case You Want To Carry A 2 X 4, Fishing Poles, Kayak, Or More: Easy-to-use Design Allows For Quick Loading And Unloading Of Gear
  • Protects From Rain, Snow, Sun, Dust, And More: Supports Snow Loads With Easily Removable Aluminum Cross Supports While Tonneau Is Lying Flat
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty